Friday, 27 February 2009

I'm Back!

Well I have had a forced break from my blog, the telephone has been dead for over a week. I was as if someone had cut off my right arm. But I'm back now, thank goodness. It took me ages to catch up with everyone, you all have been so busy in blogland. So this is what I have been doing.

This is my living room floor that I memtioned in an earlier post. Its coming along very nicely. In fact it is nearly finished only needs a bit more grouting done.

We have curtain rails up, hooray! Its starting to look like a house now and not like a bomb site.

We still have snow on the mountain, in fact there is more snow than you see here. The weather has been cold, wet and thundery. Its been horrible, definitely long john weather. Must get our solar panel and the central heating connected!

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

A work in progress! Understatement or what?

As you know we are renovating a house in mountain village in Crete, well I am packing things in boxes in the house we are renting and look what I came across today. This quilt started off life many, many years ago. There are pieces of my favourite dresses, the kids shirts and rompers, its full of memories.

I think that this needs to be finished after all these years, dare I tell you how many?

Well my eldest son is 38 and my youngest is 34 and I think that I started it after my youngest was born. It was going to be a cot quilt then a single bed size now its about a double beds size. Only thing is our bed is a king size! Watch this space for future developements.

Monday, 16 February 2009

What is this? Snow!!!

Last night the weather was really cold and wet. This morning the sun was shining feebley. Looking up to the village where our house is and the mountain behind was covered in snow. Yes snow! As long as it stays up there we will be ok. Last year we had snow on the 17th Feb, it didn't last long but it caused some chaos on the roads. The Cretans don't know how to drive in snow as they don't get much practice.

Saturday, 14 February 2009


Today has been sunny with scattered showers and a bit on the cold side. However I caught this lovely rainbow in the valley. I took this photo from the roof of our house. The rainbow was eyelevel with me.

What have I been doing this week.

On Sunday I went with Jude cariad in crete to two bazaars. I bought some lovely woollen jumpers, not to wear but to unpick and rework the wool. To see a tutorial on how to do this go to laughingpurplegoldfish. It is not difficult. I also bought some cotton shirts which will get cut up for some project or other.

I have been working hard up at the house we are renovating. I have been laying tiles in the living room. Not just straight forward laying tiles but in a pattern. I want to get this finished soon as we hope to be moving in by the 7th March. When this room is finished the whole of the lower floor will be tiled. Will let you all see the finished article very soon.

My DH has been fitting the pipeworks to the central heating system and doing a bit of concreting.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Modes of Transport

I see these everyday, but today I thought that you might like to see them. The Greeks have these mechanical donkeys, so to speak, they really are very handy.

This one is a rotorvator

This one must be a deluxe model!

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