Tuesday, 30 March 2010

More Modes Of Transport

This one is regularly parked in the supermarket car park.
And this dog has got the front seat, while his mates are in the back.


These vehicles are used almost everyday for getting around. Wish we had one.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

The last 3 days.


There was a bazaar on Saturday, rather unusual as they always seem to be on Sundays.
I was rather please with my purchases.
4 nice coffee mugs. ( for back up. )
6 shirts all the same material. These were brand new, still had the cardboard tucked in the collars.
Some pretty floral dresses.
I met Sandy there too from our little sewing group and we had a rummage together.
I came home and washed them all ready for using.


Well lo and behold, another bazaar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This time I got a small oblong tray to stand my toaster on, to stop the crumbs going all over the place. Spot on it is too.
Some fabric off cuts and other bits and pieces.
These too have all been washed and stored ready for use. Thing is my hexagon quilt is still not finished and I am plodding along with that. I have decided to put another round of blue hexagons around the edge to make a wider border and it all takes time, but the end is in sight. Think I’ll put out the flags when it is finished.

Sunday afternoon

In the afternoon we decided to take Lucky for a walk  along by the sea in between Malia and Sissi. It was a lovely day. The birds were singing, the insects were doing what insects do and this is what we saw.
SV203170 SV203171

Sweet miniature iris’s
Gorse ready for dying your eggs for Easter. Rather prickly like.
SV203175 SV203176 SV203180

A beach side property. Made of wood and palm branches. Think someone was living there as there was a motor bike parked at the top of the path.
Lucky was really tired out and sat down and refused to move. Poor little thing she only has short legs, so she got a carry for a little while. Needless to say she hardly ventured off the settee all night.


Monday’s are Camera Club days.
A small group of us get together to learn a bit more about our cameras and taking photo’s.
This was the subject this week.
Photographing boats in the lake at Agios Nikalouas.
Hope you all had a good few days over the weekend.

Friday, 19 March 2010

A tale of oranges and lemons 2

Lynn expressed a desire for me to give the recipes for my cooking so here they are.

Lemon Curd (very easy).

  • 3 untreated lemons, washed and scrubbed.
  • 3 oz\75 g unsalted butter.
  • 8 oz\225 g sugar.
  • 3 large eggs, beaten.

Grate the rind and juice the 3 lemons. Put into a large microwaveable bowl with the butter. ( I only used the rind of 1 lemon.)

MICROWAVE ON HIGH FOR 3 MINUTES until the butter is melted. Stir in the sugar. MICROWAVE ON HIGH FOR 2 MINUTES.

Stir until the sugar is dissolved and then add the strained beaten eggs stirring all the time.

MICROWAVE ON LOW FOR 12 TO 14 MINUTES. Stir occasionally until the mixture is thick enough to coat the back of the spoon.

Spoon into dry sterilized jars and cover. Store in a the fridge and consume within a month.

Very very yummy!!!!!!!!!!


Orange preserve.

  • 2 large oranges
  • 1 lemon
  • 1/2 pt/ 300ml water
  • 1lb/500g sugar

Cut the washed oranges and lemon in half and place in a large microwavable bowl with the water. Cover loosely with microwave film and MICROWAVE ON HIGH FOR 10 MINUTES.

Remove the fruit from the water and leave to stand for 5 minutes

Discarding the pips shred the oranges and squeeze the juice from the lemon. Return to the bowl and add the sugar and leave for 10 minutes till the sugar is dissolved.

MICROWAVE ON HIGH FOR 20 TO 25 MINUTES stirring occasionally , until a spoonful wrinkles when dropped onto a cold plate. pour into hot sterilized jars and seal.

Orange peel in syrup.

  • 8 untreated oranges ( approx 1 kg)
  • 1 kg/ 2ld 4 ozs sugar
  • juice of 1 lemon.

Wash the oranges in hot water and dry. Cut each fruit into 6 wedges and carefully remove the peel, placing it into a bowl of cold water.

Thread the peel in curls onto kitchen string. about 10 per string and not the ends. Soak the threaded peel for 24 hours. Change the water 3 or 4 times over this period.

Drain the peel and bring to the boil in 3lts/ 5pts water. Simmer for 15 minutes. Drain the peel.

Repeat last step again but only simmer for 10 mins. The peel should be soft, not mushy. Allow to drain for 1 hour.

Put the lemon juice and sugar into the pan with 150 mls/ 1/4 pt water. Bring to the boil, stirring all the time to dissolve the sugar. Boil till a syrupy consistency. Remove peel from the strings and simmer for 5 mins. Let the peel stand in the syrup over night.

Heat up the syrup and peel mixture and cook to thicken for 4 minutes. Leave to cool, then fill into jars rinsed in hot water. The peel will keep for about 10 months stored in a cool dry place.

Serve as a dessert with greek yoghurt.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Gale force winds.

The other week we had very strong winds all through the night.

Lucky didn’t like it.

Ian couldn’t sleep.

So both of them kept waking me up.

Then the following day we were all bleary eyed.


The garden next door had an almond tree blow down.


Branches were blown off.


and this pergola was also a victim.

It was a bit scary.

Friday, 12 March 2010

A Tale of Oranges and Lemons


We get loads and loads of oranges and lemons given to us. So Wednesday  I started out making Lemon curd. The recipe I used was one for the microwave and it was really very easy and quick.

Then having made that I turned to oranges and found a marmalade recipe for the microwave also. This was also very easy to make and it tasted lovely too.

I then tried making Orange peel in syrup.


You cut the peel into wedges and are supposed to thread them onto string, but not having string I used cocktail sticks.

You soak them in cold water for 24 hours


Then you boil them in sugar to get a syrup



And you end up with of candied curled peel which you use as a sweet with yogurt.

The oranges that I have left will be juiced I think.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Hexagon Quilt Update.


My quilt is not finished, but it is nearly! Honest.

I have had 3 migraines this last 8 days so not had a very good time. Only 1 put me to bed for 3 hours. We have been busy doing jobs in the house too. Some things that didn’t get finished off properly.


The first and second photo show Lucky just testing it out for snuggling under. She’s a funny dog for that. She hides herself away under cushions and things. It must give her a sense of security.

We went to Sylvia’s house for our Thursday sewing and it was a glorious day so we sat outside. On the way home I stopped the car and jumped out to take the next photo.



I just love poppies.

Have a great week-end whatever you are doing.


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