Saturday, 6 March 2010

Hexagon Quilt Update.


My quilt is not finished, but it is nearly! Honest.

I have had 3 migraines this last 8 days so not had a very good time. Only 1 put me to bed for 3 hours. We have been busy doing jobs in the house too. Some things that didn’t get finished off properly.


The first and second photo show Lucky just testing it out for snuggling under. She’s a funny dog for that. She hides herself away under cushions and things. It must give her a sense of security.

We went to Sylvia’s house for our Thursday sewing and it was a glorious day so we sat outside. On the way home I stopped the car and jumped out to take the next photo.



I just love poppies.

Have a great week-end whatever you are doing.


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