Thursday, 19 May 2011

News roundup.

Hi All,
It's been a while since I last posted so I have little snippets of this and that to report. While I was away in England my Hubby won a pool contest and recieved a Champions trophy.

The garden is all turned over and weeded and the potatoes and onion sets all planted. The potatoes are now just pushing through.

This Aurm lily was ever so lovely so I took a photo and it came out this delightful shade of pink, funny that as it was white.

I took this one at 11.30 at night. Ian held a torch behind the bloom while I took the photo. What do you think?

Walking through the olive groves with Lucky, we came across this small church. I tried the door and it opened.
Most of them are decorated like this.

We have had some lovely sunny weather these last few days, but today the clouds rolled in and turned black and along with it came the thunder and lightening. Then came the torrential rain with a good measure of hailstones thrown in. The poor tourists so far this month have not had very good weather. One day the sun will come out and stay out for the summer, wish it would hurry up.

Catch you all again soon, I promise.

Cya Judith x

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