Thursday, 24 November 2011

Gizzy’s little secret….. Not anymore.

Gizzy came into our lives with a little secret. In the last couple of weeks her stomach has expanded at a great rate. Yes she was in the family way.SV204211

Now we know why she wanted to eat everyone else’s food. So on the 22nd November this little lot appeared on the scene.







Six puppies. Unfortunately  one died the next day. So she has five little noisy puppies which brings us another headache. How are we going to get these little beauties a new home. There are three boys and two girls.

This morning when Gizzy went for a wee I quickly weighed them and they have all put on over an ounce.

From the pictures you can see that Sam is the father of the whitish ones, but the black ones? Not one the colour of Gizzy. She is been a good mother though.

Happy Days.

Judith. x

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