Saturday, 24 April 2010

The Sun is Shining and the Garden is Growing.

Well,  in the middle of March  we set about getting our newly acquired garden ready for planting. I took before and after pictures as it was rotorvated and planted, but alas when I got home I found that I had forgotten to put in the card so no pictures. (SILLY ME)

Anyway here it is now


We have potatoes, tomatoes, courgette, onions, okra, peas, beans, aubergines, cucumber and beans.


At home in our little garden above the house we have lettuce, a few tomatoes, peppers, a couple of courgette and yesterday I planted some spring onions, radish and some carrot. The carrots I have planted have small round roots not long tapering ones as the garden is very stony and they would just fork.


I also have some lettuce seeds growing in pots. I only take a pinch of seed and only get about 6 or seven plants at a time, then a few weeks later I do the same again so we don’t get gluts all at once.

Oh! and I have some strawberries in pots and they are flowering away to themselves. So it will be strawberries and cream soon folks.


Well it looks like another shorts and strappy top day today. Must go and enjoy the sun with a nice cool drink.


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