Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Sunday Bazaar

I just love going to the bazaars here, they are the nearest thing to Charity shops. It’s more like a jumble sale really. I purchased these three books. The knitting one has some lovely patterns. I  sure will be knitting some of them. I also like doing Sudoku too, got to keep the green matter exercised, hasn’t one. Not a single puzzle had been done. I also enjoy looking at butterflies, there has got to be some inspiration inside this little book. All these for 1.50 euro.
The find of the day was a brand new pair of Doc Martins, very flash don’t you think. They are just my size and cost only 3euro.
As you can see I have started sewing my squares together, they are looking quite good don’t you think. I have only sewn two big blocks together and I am pleased with the results so far. So my needles are still clicking away merrily.
I am looking forward to next Sunday too, as there is another bazaar. Wonder what I will find this time!!!

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