Monday, 31 August 2009

Siamese Twins???????????



This I found very interesting and have not seen anything like it before. I prepare lettuce everyday at work. All just like this one, but then I found this one was different. The outer leaves formed one lettuce as you can see, but underneath those leaves



It had two heads but only one stalk.


Have you seen anything like this?


What could have caused it?


Could it have been the fertilizer or pesticides or just a fluke of nature? It certainly makes you wonder.

Well that's it.


Yesterday was my last day at work. The season has been very short. I have not earned as much as I was hoping to so we will just have to tighten our belts a little this winter. Ian still has a few more shifts then he will be finished too.

In a way I am a bit sad but also pleased that I will have more time for me and us. We will be able to make plans, go out when we want and just do as we please. No more working around a rota.

With us both working things have slipped a bit here so first thing is to get the house back up together again and looking tidy. Then after a bit of leisure time start again with the continuing renovation work. There is still a lot to do, so I think we will have to write out a priority list, getting the most essential work done first. Like a staircase up to the bedroom. At the moment we go out of the house, lock the door, go up the outside steps onto the roof and enter the bedroom  through the door that the lovely Geoff made for us.

This also means more time for my crafty pursuits and more blogging!!!!!!!!!


Cheers everyone!

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