Friday, 12 September 2014

She may be gone, but she is not forgotten

A whole year has gone by since our lovely Lucky passed.
We still miss her loads and just thinking of her still brings tears to my eyes.
Rest in peace my little darling. XXX

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Well it's May. Ooooopps

The view from my front gate

Well it's May and I am back to tell you all what has been happening in our lives.
Oops it's not May! It's September. (Where on earth did all that time go???) Let me tell you that it has just whizzed by. I have not even had time to keep up with all your blogs, please forgive me.

As my followers will know (that's if I have any left) we moved back to the UK in April 2012 and by April 2014 we had made up our minds to move back to Crete. Yippee. Yes we are here in sunny Crete. We got back the beginning of May.

The house needed a good going through, two years of dust, cobwebs and creepy crawlies had to be removed. Then all our stuff arrived, boxes and boxes of it. (well really it's nearly all mine. Material, patterns, sewing thins, material, wool and material etc etc.

We have unpacked all of the essentials but there are still loads of boxes. My boxes. Where oh where is all my stuff going to go!!! Think I will have to get some sky hooks.

Did I tell you that I have loads of material. Good job I have loads and loads of ideas so I will use some of it up. I just thought of two more ideas yesterday, they are written down in my little note book so I will not forget them.

There is quite a list in there now. Autumn is coming up so I will have more time for sewing, knitting and crocheting and whatever else creeps up my back.

Anyway enough of that. We have looked at these plain white walls for long enough, think it's time for a change, an injection of colour. Get the colour charts out and see what we fancy.

Watch this space.

Judith X

My Cretan Life