Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Look what came in the post today!!!

A parcel all the way from England'
Not sure whether she likes this jumper or not. She is pulling a funny face.
Arh! this is more her going, yum yum's. The pups got a bone the same and they have been tucking into it no end. Don't think it is going to last them very long. I must say thank you to Midge for these lovely presents. She is such a lovely lady, I feel that I have known her for years, what a wonderful thing these blogs are.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Bath time

Once upon a time there were 5 little puppies. They were like any other puppies getting into all sorts of mischief. Doing things on the floor that they shouldn’t, you know what I mean. Then having play fights and rolling all over the floor getting covered in all sorts of things. Result 5 yucky, smelly balls of mischief. So the only thing for it was a bath.

So everything was prepared, towels, bowls, wash-cloths and a nice warm bathroom. I had visions of squealing wriggling puppies, sure that I was intent on drowning them!

But you just take a look.






No squealing, no wriggling just well behaved little pups taking it all in their stride and the end result……………………………………………



Five clean fluffy little angels. (ha ha)


Judith x

Saturday, 14 January 2012

This Little Doggy Has a New Home.


Yes he has, but he has to wait a little while till they sort him an escort out. He is going to a new life in Holland and he will be flying there.

You can check out this charity Here.

They are having a very tough time at the present with loads of dogs and cats, puppies and kittens been dumped. People just can’t afford to look after their pets anymore.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that They can find homes for the others too.


Judith. x

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Look what I made!!!!!!!!!

Just thought that I would show you two gifts that I made for two of my friends for Christmas.



These are my scrappy version of log cabins. No measuring, just pick up random pieces from my scrap box. I am now making myself a couple, something similar but a bit different. You will see what I mean when I get them finished, but this is what they look like so far. These scraps where destined for the bin, what a waste that would have been.




Saturday, 7 January 2012


We had our first meeting of our exclusive sewing group on Thursday past. There were only 3 of us thought. Why? you might ask. Well everyone is off gallivanting, most of them been in England.

Anyway I was sewing up a jumper that has been waiting for more months than I’d care to remember, Jude was cutting out a dress and Sylvia was cutting out fabric wool to knit a scrappy rug. Anyway I suggested that we do a Bom this year, that idea was left open for descussion . Then I suggested that we work on all our UFO’s. I know I have quite a few. So did Jude and Sylvia.

Here is my list:-

  1. My foxglove jumper.
  2. A waterfall cardigan.
  3. A longline cardigan.
  4. A knitted patchwork jumper.
  5. A chunky jacket.
  6. My hexagon quilt.
  7. My string block quilt.

These are what I can remember off the top of my head.

My Hexagon quiltSV203357

SV203631My string block quilt

SV203909My longline cardigan

SV203650My foxglove jumper.

I don’t have photo’s of the others that I have mentioned but I think that’s enough to be going on with don’t you?

Think I will continue on with the foxglove jumper that I am in the middle of sewing up. So hopefully this will be the first finish of the year. Then it will be one down seven or so to go.


Judith x

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