Sunday, 24 May 2009

Any one seen a tortoise?



This is Sandy our tortoise. However I think we should have named it Rambo. I say it because we are not sure whether it is male or female. Personally I think it is a she. So she is into everything, barging her way through. Boy has she got some determination. She only became active again after hibernation the end of April. Don't let anyone tell you that a tortoise as a pet is boring.  She climbs up places that you would think impossible, she can get up the first 3 steps up to our roof. We have seen her vertical against a wall and fall over onto her back and she doesn't take long to right herself. However she does get herself into some situations.

So last night I looked to see if she was tucked up in her house that my hubby made for her. NO SANDY!!!!  I looked high and low for her. Under her house, behind the blocks, in the pile of rubble, but to no avail. Then I remembered that hubby had been out to the car and left the gate open in the afternoon, but not for long. Now whatever you do don't let anyone tell you that tortoises are slow because, boy can she shift when she wants.

I went outside thinking "well if she's out here she has gone." I looked under the neighbours plants, all the nooks and crannies and nothing, not a trace.

When my hubby came in it was dark. I announced, "Sandy is gone". He got the torch and he looked everywhere that I had looked, nothing!    

"I was only out for a minute." he proclaimed, "she would not have had time and anyway she was asleep" So he started looking again.

And then we found her fast asleep under her house where we had already looked more than once, but she had climbed onto a spar of wood so we could not see her or her feet. The little so and so.

We both breathed a sigh of relief that she was safe. I was having visions of her been squashed on the road and that doesn't bear thinking about.

Oh no! Got to go just heard her falling over with a crack, Judith to the rescue again.


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