Monday, 16 March 2009



Went shopping for vegetables and treated myself to some lovely Freesia. They smell divine.


These are some of the vegetables that I got. Tomatoes and peppers

What is this?

These greens on the right of the photo. The ones on the left were given to me by our next-door neighbour. Do you know what they are?

I made some chutney today as well. It is supposed to be Green Tomato Chutney but as you can see there is red in there too.



And this is what it turned out like. Looks yummy to me, thing is, you are supposed to wait 2 weeks till it matures before you eat it. Think this will be quite hard to do. I got the recipe from the internet and it turned out to be a blogger that I follow.

On the Wander


We moved into our house in Vrisses last Friday and today was the first time that I had time to take Lucky exploring the area.SV202165

We  walked through the olive groves and when we came to a clearing I looked up and could see our house in the distance. Had I walked that far?It was well worth it though, just look what I saw, even if it was uphill all the way back.SV202161


These pretty white camomile and hiding amongst them anemones and this splendid plantSV202163

I,m not sure what it is called but there are a lot of them about reaching about 2ft or more tall.



There where trees loaded with blossom not sure if this is almond or a cherry.

My Cretan Life