Thursday, 29 September 2011

Quince and Cinnamon.


Today I made some quince and cinnamon jam. This is the biggest pan that I own and you can see that it is nearly full. There are loads of quince trees around and they are all laden with fruit, that for some reason goes unused. I picked a bag of these lovely fruit from a neighbours tree and set about making the jam. I now have 7 jars of luscious jam for our toast.


The next fruit that will be ripe are pomegranates. Pomegranate jam??????????

Watch this space.


Judith x

Friday, 23 September 2011

Rain, rain go away!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh no, we were forecast for rain and thunder and yes we got it. The thunder was miles away so that was ok especially for Lucky who is terrified of it. Then we got the rain, a few spots at first then the whole thing. Mind you we need it as everything is all dried up and shrivelled.

In no time the verges will be spouting bright green everywhere. It is supposed to brighten up tomorrow, fingers crossed.


Me with my mac.


Judith x

Monday, 19 September 2011

What A Find.

A little background first. In times gone by the Greek people used to tip their rubbish over the mountainsides. Now today this is frowned upon  and is very unsightly, however it is still done. You can go along a country roads and find places where things have been fly tipped.  Usually this is builders rubble. Anyway we sometimes stop to see if anything of interest has been tipped. Something we could use like wood, marble, you know things like that. If your a follower of mine you will know that my cupboard above the bathroom door was made with  wood found dumped..

Anyway we went to the garden today to do some watering and on the way back we stopped at a dumping ground, just to have a look. There was some wood but not of any use, then something caught my eye buried in the rubble. We racked around a bit and found all these.


We have 5 pairs and 5 odd ones. I have cleaned up 3 of these wood shoe forms. Bet you can pick them out.



I think they have cleaned up well. I am sure we will find something useful to make with them. You never know what your gonna find and that’s why we keep looking. Does anyone have any ideas?

I also have another finish that I forgot to post the other day. This is my Baktus scarf that I knit to keep me warm in the winter it is graciously modelled by Lucky.



As you can see she is a little bit camera shy. It is so soft, I know I am gonna love wearing it. Oh! and I got the wool from one of the animal charity bazaars.

Got to go as Lucky is patiently waiting for her afternoon walk. Think she deserves one.


Judith x

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Playtime and a finish Woo hoo!!!

Yes, I have been sat at my sewing machine again. It has been too long since I did any sewing. Anyway I thought I would have a play around and this is what I came up with. It’s  from Ricky Tims and is called convergence quilts.


Not sure what I will do with them yet, but I enjoyed playing around. Might make them into cushion covers, we will see.

Also I have finished up my denim throw/blanket. It has taken me ages to clip all the seams so that it would fray in the washing machine. Just sitting clipping caused a big pile of threads.  It was about time that I got it done. When I had clipped all the seams I checked very patch to make sure it was done and I found 21 seams unclipped. It pays you to check very carefully. Oh! I have just thought I never took any photos of this part. Too late now!Then it went into the washing machine on a cold wash. Cor, you should have seen all the loose threads from the fraying process. I shook it in the courtyard and they went everywhere. Now you are supposed to dry it in the tumble dryer but, I don’t have a one, so onto the line it went.  I washed it twice and then the washing machine didn’t pump out the water. Mmmmmh!!! PANIC!!!!

After I drained all the water off I removed the filter and guess what?  Yes it was jammed packed solid with frayed threads. I gave it a quick clean out fitted it all back together and hey presto it worked (Thank Goodness or I would have been in trouble from the other half.) Still after two washes it is still casting. Might take the hoover to it so don’t look to close at the finished photo.


So sorry but this is a terrible photo


It is supposed to get frayed more every time you wash it. I am pleased with it too. This was very easy to make sewing wise, but the clipping took a long time and it was very messy and hard on the hands. It is also  heavyish.

That’s all for now.


Judith. x

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Who likes their comfort then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is Lucky's favorite way to relax. Yes it's a dogs life.

My Cretan Life