Wednesday, 24 November 2010

It is giving me a headache.


This is the knitting project that I and doing at the moment. It is in 4ply and has 7 colours.

I like something to keep me occupied when I am knitting and I don’t like knitting loads and loads of stocking stitch. I get bored. So this looked like the prefect thing to knit.

First off you knit the centre front including the front welt. Then you knit the back welt by itself. Then the left centre back and then the right centre back. So far so good.

Next you knit the left front and back and sleeve all in one. I was going great guns until the pattern read knit 5 rows. OK did that. Next row was a bobble row only the bobbles would be on the wrong side. Where did I go wrong? Don’t know.

Solution:- Cast on the right side today and knit to the same part of the pattern. Then whatever I do on the left side I do on the right side and my sleeves will match. I am not having bobbles on the wrong side. Would you????




As you can see from the pictures the pattern has no repeat and looks totally random. I am not about to give up. Will let you see the finished item sooner or latter.


Judith. x

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