Thursday, 7 May 2009

Digging it.


I planted some courgettes, squash, pumpkin, cucumber and tomatoes a while ago. They are now eagerly awaiting planted out into the garden.



These will need potting on before they are ready for the garden.

So I thought that I had better get to it. Not an easy task, the garden is on a slope. Climbing onto it is a uphill struggle.


This is what it was like this morning.


So some terracing was in order and as we have loads and loads of old roof tiles, I thought that I would put them to good use. We will have to build a retaining wall along the front, but this time with cement.


I think there had been a dry stone wall to retain the soil from washing down onto the stable roof. However I was quite surprised that the soil seems quite good. It turned over very easily. I thought that it would be rock hard.

I plan to put the squash and pumpkin at the front so I can grow them across the stable roof.


Here are some tomatoes that I am growing in pots and my very first tomato has just set. I can nearly taste it now.

You had better believe me when I say that I need a soak in a hot bath tonight and I think I have caught the sun. See what I can get done tomorrow.

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