Friday, 19 August 2011

A Beautiful Pair

Good Morning!!!!!!!!!!

How are you all today?

Bright eyed and bushy tailed I hope.

Yesterday this was the veiw from my front gates at about 6.00 am.


Today this was the veiw at 7.00 am.


See the clouds we have had a lot of those just lately.

Anyway now for the beauties. For the last three times that this has flowered I have missed getting a picture, but today, I got them. Yay!


They open and die in just a day.


You can just see the cactus plant at the bottom of this picture. This plant puts a tremendous amount of energy in producing these large flowers and they are so delicate.


They have  a very fine perfume which attracted this wasp. Think he enjoyed his visit. He looked like he was anyway.

Yesterday I went to the beach with Jude and we had a lovely time splashing about in the sea. The beach was crowded as it was a very hot day, but there was a nice cooling breeze. Wonder how many people overdid the sunbathing?

Anyway enjoy your day whatever you are doing and catch you all again soon.


Judith x

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

20 Years, Well I never.

The veiw from my gate this morning

What a lovely day to be celebrating 20yrs of marraige. When we got together lots of people said it would never last so I am saying today, "Well it has."

I am sorry that I can't put a wedding photo on here but my pc won't let my printer work.
So the above will have to do for now. This was took at our leaving party in 2007 just before we moved to Crete.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Our Potato Harvest.


Over the last couple of days we have been digging our potatoes and what a fine crop it is.SV204016

These should keep us going for a while. We are still picking courgettes, tomatoes, cucumber and aubergines too. When we get the ground that the potatoes were in cleared we will be planting some beans and maybe beetroot we will see.

My voice is still missing too. It’s very quiet around here!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never mind, anyway I have managed to do some knitting this morning and also make some tomato sauce to freeze. A woman’s work is never done even with no voice.

Enjoy your weekend everyone


Judith x

Friday, 5 August 2011

Oh, Dear I’ve Lost IT.

Well I had it yesterday, but this morning I cannot find it. I’ve looked high and I’ve looked low. What ever am I going to do without it?

I am just not me without it, do you think I should offer a reward?????????????????


A passion flower doing what it does best.

All I can say is that……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

I have lost my voice. If any of you out there in blogland happen to see it please contact me. I would love to have it back.


Judith x

Thursday, 4 August 2011

This Morning.

Yesterday and today we have clouds

It is slightly cooler up here and we have a bit of wind, which is nice.

Eventually the sun came up and reveilled a mist.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

A New Month.


This was the veiw from my front gate this morning, just after 6.00am. Now it is quite noisy with all the morning chorus. The cicada beetles are all screaming their heads off. They make an awful din. But you get used to it. ( just as-well ).

Yesterday I spent a lovely time swimming in a warm sea with Jude. We have not had a chance to do this much this last month. I caught a bit sun and my face has been a bit red looking. After our nice beach experience we took ourselves off to do some grocery shopping and managed to spend our money.

Last night I went down to Nikos with Geoff and Jude and we had a lovely meal together just catching up with all the gossip. I had a lovely day.

Well that’s the good stuff over now for the bad!

Sunday we had a burst. We had water running down our steps outside. Upon inspection we found that the tank on our solar panel was pouring out loads and loads of water. My  hubby turned off the water and had a look. He thought that it was coming from a gasket on the side, but with it been Sunday all the shops are closed so we had no hot water. I know its hot here right now but I do not relish the thought of having cold showers, cool showers yes, cold no. Anyway he got a gasket yesterday and it seems to be fixed, HURRAY!!!!!!

Now what else have I done this past month?

I made some more jam, this time plum and elderberry and it is so nice, you had better believe it,  it is so yummy. I am really pleased how it turned out.


It looks rather black in the jars but it is a very deep red colour, like blackcurrant jam. This is not tart like the other one I made.

I did come across a recipe for elderberry chutney so might give it a go too. Elders are not that common here so I am keeping my source to myself.

I might also try and make some courgette and ginger jam as we have lots of courgettes coming from the garden now. I bought root ginger yesterday. I will have to sort out a recipe. I have a few to choose from.

On the crafting front, well nothing is getting done right now. I have something brewing in my mind. It is a challenge that I saw online and thought that I might have a go. We will see. Thing is I have loads and loads of UFO’s to finish. I am naughty not finishing up things, but hey I'll get there one day.

Do you have the same problem, too many projects on the go at one time and not getting any finished off?

My Cretan Life