Sunday, 30 November 2008

Saturday Evening out.

After a busy day in the garden we went out with Geoff and Jude (cariadincrete) to our local cafenion, and a good meal was had by all. Souvlaki, village salad, potatoes and a few drinks to wash it all down.

A Bountiful Harvest.

Yesterday was a lovely sunny day, so instead of going up to the house to do some more hard work we decided to go to the garden. As if gardening is not hard work too. The garden has taken the back seat a bit and has been seriously neglected these last couple of months. The order of the day was some tiding up and weeding. I cleared a small piece of ground and turned it over, if I can get some cabbage plants I will plant them there.

Ian cleared all the dried up weeds and we found that the tomatoes had been fruiting away to themselves. There were a few nice red ones and the rest were green. I set about picking these and chutney seems to be on the cards.

What with the weeding and the sunshine we got very thirsty but we had forgotten to bring along a bottle of water. Then it occurred to me the perfect solution! Pick an orange fresh off the tree. Oranges straight from the tree are delicious. Just the job....

I had a quick look at Judes (cariadincrete) garden and there standing like soldiers were her leeks.
Whatever you do don't tell her that I pinched 3!

Monday, 24 November 2008

Welcome Angela

Pleased that you have come along for the ride Angela. Hope to get back into crafting soon after all this hard work we are doing with the renovation. We are wanting to be in our new home by Christmas. I think your work is really great.

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Its four in the morning!!!

Last night we had a thunder storm! It did not wake me fully but I was aware of it. All of a sudden there was this clap of thunder and our little Lucky came flying into the room. She was jumping up at the side of the bed and as I opened my eyes there was this bright flash of lightening that lit up the whole room. Poor Lucky was shaking like a leaf, she was terrified. She is not normally allowed on our bed but the state that she was in, we let her sleep with us till the morning. It took us ages to settle her, I have never known such a scaredy in all my life. Dear knows what she would have done if we had not taken her in and she was still wandering the streets.

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Malia Beach in November

This is what the beach looks like when all the holiday makers have gone home. No sun-beds,no umbrella's just sand, sea, sun and us! We love walking along this beach in the winter months, sometimes there are other people doing the same thing, but mostly we are all alone.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Are we going to be in by Christmas???

Yes thats the big question at the moment. Our little house that we have been renovating since May is slowly taking shape. The builders have almost finished there work and then we will have the pleasure of turning it into our new home. For ages it has looked just like a building site or bomb site as a friend calls it, but now I cant wait.

I have had the paint brush out today and started painting the windows and doors a lovely blue, which should set them off against the white walls, well they will be white eventually.

Not a very good photo, but if you look hard you can make out the blue

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