Sunday, 5 June 2011

My New Cupboard In The Bedroom.

I posted a while back about my stairs to our bedroom, well now we are getting a cupboard above the stairs as it is a wasted space.

The above two photos show the framework. The walls here are like dogs back legs so he was having a job to fit it.

We are now at the door making and fitting stage. Wonder what I can store in here?????????? Not sure how we are going to finish it. Varnish or paint???? We will see.

Last Thursday I went to the beach with Jude and we had a nice swim in the sea.

The water was, shall we say quite refreshing. We enjoyed it though.

Today, Sunday, I went along to the Gardening club and deposited with them a great pile of gardening magazines that I had. Having a bit of a sort out here. I really have far too much stuff but don't tell my hubby. Anyway guess what we had for afters today?????????

That's all for now folks, work is calling.



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