Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Heating and hot water, yes please!!!


Our solar panel was delivered last week but then they realised that the coil for the central heating was not there so they had to order a part. We have spent a week with no hot water or heating and it has been cold here at nights. Luckily we were able to borrow a oil filled radiator to warm us up a bit.

Yesterday morning the phone rang and hey presto, they had the part. The guy  delivered it and fitted it. Ian filled it with the required fluid and the water.  Then the sun went behind some brewing clouds.  Isn't that just typical!SV202180

The guy fitting the heating coil.  He also told us that the plant with the yellow flowers growing in our garden can be collected before the flowers open, boiled then put into your omelette. (you can just make them out if you look through the top two rungs of the ladder)


My dear hubby putting in the fluid. The fluid helps the water heat up.

Next was to connect all the central heating pipes and let the water flow through into the central heating wood burning stove and radiators. There we were getting all excited and then it happened. We sprung a leak!  No not one but three. The system was all drained back down. We were a bit deflated to say the least.

This morning he got up had his breakfast and then set about fixing the leaks.

With the joints all taken apart and soldered back up again we filled it up again. No leaks! Excited I laid the fire in the stove and put a match to it.



And boy didn't it go. Heat at last!!!!

The sun was shining most of the day so we also got hot water free.

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