Monday, 7 November 2011

The Tale of the Waggily Tails.

If you follow my blog you will know that we have a dog called Lucky as she was very lucky to find us. She was a stray who had been badly treated and was ever so nervous. We have had her for over 3 yrs now and she is a lovely dog and is so funny.. She makes us laugh so often.
Sorry about the red eye here. Anyway at the beginning of October these two dogs were wandering around outside of the monastery, we had never seen them before and we pass there often. Over the next few days we saw them in the village and down at the monestery so someone had obviously dumped them. You get a lot of stray dogs here, they don't treat animals like we do. There are a few charities around who rehouse stray cats and dogs, many going to Holland and Germany. As we were returning home from a night out there were these two dogs sitting in the middle of the road on a bend. We think they were waiting for their owner to come and pick them back up again. We drove past them slowly, if they had stopped there they would surely have been runover. We pulled over and got them into our car and took them home. They were lifting with fleas, hungry and a bit smelly. That night they had food in there bellies and slept in a cardboard box outside. The next morning they had a bath and when they were dry we treated them for their fleas. They cleaned up well.
The whitish one is a dog and the brown one with the Queen Anne legs is a bitch. We are hoping that someone will rehouse them but it will not be till after the summer season starts next year. So when or if they find a new home we are a 3 dog family. Lucky is starting to get used to them, though sometimes she is still a bit wary of them. They are a bit boisterous for her and when we raise our voices at them she thinks she is getting told off too, so she is getting extra attention and lots of cuddles. We have named them as Sam and Gizzy. Sam just seemed to fit and Gizzy cos she looks like Gizmo off of Gremlins.
There is never a dull moment. Cya, Judith. x

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