Friday, 1 May 2009

Aquarium Visit

Yesterday we went with the gardening club to the aquarium. It was a

lovely experience.


Some of the photos didn't come out too good so I will show you the best.


This crabs pincers are what you can see they were held tight to it's body for protection.


Ohhh Sharks!!!!!!!!!!!!!




This eel was showing off. Its mates were all hiding in the rocks.


A shy octopus.


Just look at the colours on this chap.SV202527

A five legged starfish. Now is it a leg or an arm or what?

The starfish in the background is a 9 legged one. I was told that if they lose a leg with a bit of the disc in the middle they will grow another. The dark one had lost half of its legs and was regrowing them. You can see the legs furthest away are a lot smaller that the ones at the front.


After our visit we went to a taverna and had a smashing meal. 10 euro each. Can't be bad.

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