Sunday, 14 October 2012

How things change.

Things can change so quickly can't they. Here was I telling you last week that I was working full time and this week I am unemployed. The company that I was working for paid 9 people off and I was one of them. So now I am job hunting again.

On a brighter note I will have some free time to sew or knit so watch this space!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Is there anyone there still?

Well hello everyone, tis me. It is such a long time since I have had internet that I have nearly forgotten how to use it. I have loads to tell you's all. We had to make a very hard decision a while back and the outcome of that means we are back in the UK. We enjoyed our lives in Crete but we were finding it more and more difficult to live there with the state of Greece in this ressesion.

So here we are in the UK, living up north again. I am working full time so my free time is much reduced. I have not made anything at all. We have been decorating our new home. You know painting and wallpapering and the like.

Lucky and Rosie have settled in here really well. Lucky loves the grass and the woods and the cooler climate. Rosie is just loving life, she probaly does not remember Crete at all. She will be 1yr old soon.

Well, I will leave you all to digest my news and I hope to get something done soon, maybe knitting or sewing. Who knows, you'll have to come back to see.

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