Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Fried Green Tomatoes and Chutney

starting to cook
Fried green tomatoes are something that we have not tried before and as we had lots of green tomatoes we decided to give them a go. I found the recipe while looking for Green tomato chutney.
The recipe sounded so simple so I got to it.

I sliced them about 1.4inch thick and coated them in flour,cornmeal and salt. Very easy.
Then I put them into the frying pan with some heated oil and fried them on one side till golden brown, turned them over and did the other side. Hey presto Fried Green Tomatoes.
the finished product
Yes they were really nice. One we will try again next time we have green tomatoes.

Green tomato chutney.

the chutney just stating to boil
Ian likes some chutney with his meat, so seeing that we brought plenty green tomatoes from the garden, I made some chutney. The recipe was easy enough. I chopped up the tomatoes,onions and apples. Put them into a big stainless steel stew pot and added all the other ingredients and let it boil away merrily till it was thick. I put it into sterilized jars and now we have a few jars for him to enjoy.

the chutney ready to go into jars
The chutney in jars

It says store in a cool dark place.......... Hmmmmmmmmmm. Ian's tummy I expect!


Jude said...

What next, leek chutney??

Judith said...

Now now, Jude. Leek pudding maybe.

Chris said...

Hello Judith, Thanks for stopping by my blog. It looks like you are creating a beautiful life in your new home. Isn't wonderful dropping it all and following your dreams?

Judith said...

Yes Chris it is. I worked the summer but now I'm working for us. Been tiling today. Thanks for popping in. Pleased to have you along for the ride.

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