Monday, 16 March 2009



Went shopping for vegetables and treated myself to some lovely Freesia. They smell divine.


These are some of the vegetables that I got. Tomatoes and peppers

What is this?

These greens on the right of the photo. The ones on the left were given to me by our next-door neighbour. Do you know what they are?

I made some chutney today as well. It is supposed to be Green Tomato Chutney but as you can see there is red in there too.



And this is what it turned out like. Looks yummy to me, thing is, you are supposed to wait 2 weeks till it matures before you eat it. Think this will be quite hard to do. I got the recipe from the internet and it turned out to be a blogger that I follow.


easygardener said...

Thanks for the link and changing the comments format. Works a treat.
The greens on the right could they be young pea leaves? Only wondering because of the tendrils they seem to have. I do know you can cook them.

Judith said...

No take a closer look at the tendrills. Not sure if they cook them for I have only ever eaten them raw soaked in olive oil, vinegar and salt.

Lynn said...

I thought the green on the right were sweet pea flower leaves. No?

And the left is celentro or some form of parsley. yes?

All the photos are beautiful.

Janet said...

I'm not much good in the kitchen so I'm no help on the greens but I can tell you the chutney looks delicious!! And the freesia is beautiful.

Chris said...

Ooh stop it. Your making me hungry. :) Congratulations on the hot water!

Jude said...

Of course, the pea like greens are papoules, no, never hadthem cooked but who knows.. and the tall flowers are white asphodel.Do I get a prize???? Out tonight?

Judith said...

Yes Jude you are right, will buy you a raki tonight. Thats your prize. ha ha. Think its a bit of cheating really because you live here.

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