Saturday, 4 April 2009

Nuts to you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I mean walnuts and almonds.

The almond trees flowered a while ago, but you should see the size of the almond nuts now.


This was the tree in flower. Photo taken 04/02/2009

And look at it now


See the two fruits, they grow like peaches. When they are ripe the fruit case bursts open and the nuts are revealed


The walnut trees are just starting to sprout their new leaves and flowers.


The leaves have a lovely bronze tinge to them. Can you see the flowers. They are just greenish, nothing stunning.

In another few weeks I will post another photo on their progress.


Janet said...

We have two almond trees in our yard. I noticed some nuts just a couple of days ago. My trees aren't as large as yours but we get a nice harvest of nuts.

Jude said...

Will you be drying them on your roof?

Fifi Flowers said...

Love fruit and nut trees! And the blossoms they get first are soooo beautiful!

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