Thursday, 7 May 2009

Digging it.


I planted some courgettes, squash, pumpkin, cucumber and tomatoes a while ago. They are now eagerly awaiting planted out into the garden.



These will need potting on before they are ready for the garden.

So I thought that I had better get to it. Not an easy task, the garden is on a slope. Climbing onto it is a uphill struggle.


This is what it was like this morning.


So some terracing was in order and as we have loads and loads of old roof tiles, I thought that I would put them to good use. We will have to build a retaining wall along the front, but this time with cement.


I think there had been a dry stone wall to retain the soil from washing down onto the stable roof. However I was quite surprised that the soil seems quite good. It turned over very easily. I thought that it would be rock hard.

I plan to put the squash and pumpkin at the front so I can grow them across the stable roof.


Here are some tomatoes that I am growing in pots and my very first tomato has just set. I can nearly taste it now.

You had better believe me when I say that I need a soak in a hot bath tonight and I think I have caught the sun. See what I can get done tomorrow.


Jenny said...

Looks like you'll be eating some lovely veggies soon then! My courgettes are almost ready to go out now too - and that's in Derby!

Janet said...

All your plants look great. I'm jealous! I planted a few things but they haven't done much so far.

Lynn said...

a lot of hard work
but the rewards will be worth it

Judith said...

Jenny, I was late in planting again. some gardens here have flowers on there courgettes.

Janet, Hope my plants keep grow strong. There are so many creepy crawlys here and we don't know if they are good or bad. Big problem

Judith said...

Thanks Lynn, we had some good courgettes last year and cucumbers. I still have to plant some melons.

Yvonne said...

What a brilliant idea.. planting seeds in plastic cups, especially ones that are an amazing colour.. hope the crops grow well!..

Yvonne xx

easygardener said...

You must be pleased that the soil was ok - nothing worse than digging and finding a ton of stones/rock that turns the job into a nightmare. Nice to find a use for the old roof tiles too.
Good luck with the Tomatoes etc.

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