Saturday, 6 June 2009

Flaming June


Well it's June and the weather is heating up somewhat. But, where are all the tourists? Looks like the recession has taken hold here too.SV202643


These photo's where taken about 18.00 on Thursday. However Thursday is a change over day.

The photos are of a side street, the main street is busier, but there again not as busy as it normally is. Looks like its going to be a bad year.


maggi said...

Hopefully the tourists will arrive soon when they get fed up with the torrential rain that has followed our mini heat wave.

Yvonne said...

Wow... what a colourful looking place. We have been having great weather here for the last few weeks so maybe that's what has kept people at home? I'm sure the tourists will arrive in their hoards soon and you will be eating your words!!! Enjoy the peace and quiet.. it looks lovely

Yvonne xx

Jude said...

On the beach??
No, I agree it's quiet but hopefully it'll pick up soon when the school holidays arrive and everyone gets fed up of the rain and wind..

Jenny said...

Is that Malia? Looks very quiet but its early days yet I suppose.

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