Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Cooking the Greek way

This is a traditional oven here on the Island of Crete. It is a dome shape inside and they light a fire with wood in there. When the oven is red hot they let the fire die down and they then put in the food for cooking.
To cook bread they clean out all the ashes but for meat they put the pans onto the hot ash. They then put on the door to keep the heat in and the food cooks.
And this is the finished product. Potatoes, meat, tomatoes, olive oil, tomatoe paste, oregano, salt, lemon juice and water. Eaten outside in the olive groves. Beautiful!!!
This is a 70 yr old Cretan lady testing the meal. She gave it the seal of approval.


Anonymous said...

Where is your oven? cant remember seeing it when i was there.

before you light yours make sure theres no tortise in it.

Judith said...

Ha ha, Graham,

Our oven is on the top courtyard. We had some wood stood in front of it then.

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