Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Sunday Bazaar

I just love going to the bazaars here, they are the nearest thing to Charity shops. It’s more like a jumble sale really. I purchased these three books. The knitting one has some lovely patterns. I  sure will be knitting some of them. I also like doing Sudoku too, got to keep the green matter exercised, hasn’t one. Not a single puzzle had been done. I also enjoy looking at butterflies, there has got to be some inspiration inside this little book. All these for 1.50 euro.
The find of the day was a brand new pair of Doc Martins, very flash don’t you think. They are just my size and cost only 3euro.
As you can see I have started sewing my squares together, they are looking quite good don’t you think. I have only sewn two big blocks together and I am pleased with the results so far. So my needles are still clicking away merrily.
I am looking forward to next Sunday too, as there is another bazaar. Wonder what I will find this time!!!


Janet said...

What great bargains! I always love finding good books at a thrift shop or yard sale. And those boots are great!!

FeatherDuster said...

I love digging around in places like that! I just went thrift store shopping on Friday and got a big stack of nice clothes for $7

Graham said...

I just bought a pair of doc martins for work, not as lairy as yours though. Did you drag Ian around those stalls? bet he loved that.

3anklebiters said...

your blocks are looking fantastic and i'm in love with the quilt top on your blog banner. BEAUTIFUL! i love thrift shopping.

Cottage45 said...

Those are some great finds. Love the shoes!

easygardener said...

Nice boots - what a bargain!

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