Friday, 12 March 2010

A Tale of Oranges and Lemons


We get loads and loads of oranges and lemons given to us. So Wednesday  I started out making Lemon curd. The recipe I used was one for the microwave and it was really very easy and quick.

Then having made that I turned to oranges and found a marmalade recipe for the microwave also. This was also very easy to make and it tasted lovely too.

I then tried making Orange peel in syrup.


You cut the peel into wedges and are supposed to thread them onto string, but not having string I used cocktail sticks.

You soak them in cold water for 24 hours


Then you boil them in sugar to get a syrup



And you end up with of candied curled peel which you use as a sweet with yogurt.

The oranges that I have left will be juiced I think.


soggibottom said...

:-) lucky you. I have a couple of orange tree's here in the garden. I have yet to take their Winter covering off and inspect the damage.
Does that beautiful jar travel well?
x x x

3anklebiters said...

the orange peel in syrup looks lovely. i'm not an orange fan, but it is tempting.

Lynn said...

I wish you would post the recipies these look delicous. Love the idea of sweetened orange peels.

FeatherDuster said...

So pretty in the jars, and I bet they taste wonderful.

Jude said...

Will we be having orange cake on Thurs, that is, if I'm still awake..

Jenny said...

That looks fabulous, I love marmalade and lemon curd! Unfortunately I forgot to buy marmalade oranges this year, having saved all my jars!!!

יסמין said...

Hi I am bran new to the blogging scene and i just finished i have a change to catch up on my blogging. Where did you get the recipe, because I am intrigued I am a fellow Baker, and cooking fanatic.
....I also do Abstract Acrylic painting, and i dabble in some sewing too.

Janet said...

These look delicious... I am going to attempt this, it is different than anything I've seen.

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