Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Our Easter Sunday

After Lucky’s ordeal with the loud bangs from all the fireworks Saturday night. She was shaking like a leaf literally. We decided to go out on Sunday for the afternoon and take a picnic.


We went to Driros just across the mountains from us. This is an archaeology site. See here.
We had a wander around and found someone had been digging a pit.
It was very quiet. Just what the doctor ordered.
There has been some activity there. Don’t know what they where looking for.
Some very structural plants. Rather smelly ones too.
We spent a few pleasant hours there and Lucky enjoyed it too.


Jude said...

We had no reaction from either of our pets...
glad you had a couple of quiet hours..

soggibottom said...

Bet Lucky would have preferred to have had some chocolate :-) x x x
One of our dogs in times past used to have a knack of finding the Easter Eggs before our kids. It's a wonder the silly old dogs never killed herself by a cocoa overdose :-) I wonder how many know that chocolate is so bad for them. Our dog hadn't heard of it obviously :-)

chris, milatos said...

Glad you had a peaceful sunday, Simba didnt show ay reaction to the noise on Saturday night thankfully

maggi said...

What gorgeous photos on these last two posts. Poor Lucky with the fireworks. I am glad she was able to enjoy some peace and quiet.

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