Monday, 19 April 2010

Volcanic Ash Cloud.

We went to a talk last week on the subject of Santorin's earthquake. It was very interesting and we where told about all the volcanic ash and pumice that was spewed out into the atmosphere, and here we are now with a cloud of volcanic ash crippling Europe.

We have my niece and partner here on holiday and they where supposed to fly back home on Friday 16th April. They both should have started work again today after the Easter holidays. No such luck!

So there are a lot of holiday makers stranded here. Now they are talking about shipping them home as the airports remain closed.

This is a terrible start to the holiday season here as last year was bad also. We need the tourists for our jobs to be safe. No tourists, no jobs, no money.


never mind we are still having a good time going out eating drinking and been merry.


Lynn said...

AT least they are having fun while waiting the ablitity to fly home. Enjoy the togetherness~!

Jenny said...

I gather that Richard is stuck too - he'll end up going back with John!

soggibottom said...

Hearts go out to every stranded soul.
I've heard the boats are coming to rescue from certain ports in Europe.
Think Dunkirk !
x x x

Jude said...

So many stories...hope it ends soon....

3anklebiters said...

I was trapped away from home (at a relative) when Mount St. Helens erupted in 1981. we were stranded away from home for a week before the roads home were passable. it didn't disrupt air travel as much as the icelandic volcano is, but it changed life on the ground for several years. the biggest difference is it impacted low population agricultural areas and they don't get as much media attention as urban areas. do you have any photos of what the ash cloud looks like from your vantage?

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