Saturday, 5 June 2010

101st post Giveaway.

Giveaway is now closed.

Well this laptop is behaving its self and I have found the cable to connect my camera to it and download photos. So I think my Giveaway is a go’er.

So what am I giving away??????????????

I have been thinking long and hard about this.

Fat quarters maybe?

A book?

Some wool?

Well I couldn’t decide so I think it will be a mystery giveaway.

Everyone likes surprises so it is going to remain a surprise for you all. It will have some of this and some of that and maybe, just maybe a bit of this. Now that will be nice won’t it. You won’t be disappointed and don’t forget to tell all your friends too.

So here is what you have to do to be in with a chance of winning this surprise.

  • Leave a comment here for one chance, only on this post.
  • Blogging about my giveaway on your blog will get you another chance. You will have to let me know if you have done this by commenting here also..

Make sure I have a way to contact you.

  • SV203416 

Giveaway ends on 12/06/2010 at 21.00 Athens time. Good luck to you all.


Jenny said...

Wow 101 posts, that's amazing! Not blogging at the moment - too complicated for my tired brain. So only one chance for me!

Lady Hopwood said...

Well I love a surprise, so I have to be in on this! I'll blog about it later too, when I find the phone cable to upload some piccies to my own blog :-)

x Jo

Joyce said...

I love a surprise! Please count me in. Congrats on a big blogaversary too.

Lois Evensen said...

Welcome back! It's so nice to see you on line again. :)) I'm glad the computer is doing what it should and your camera cord has reappeared. :))


soggibottom said...

and I thought you had been rather quiet lately :-)

yes congratulations 101 posts. No problem about posting your giveaway on Soggibottom, would love to. Can we have a pic of lucky please ?
x x x

Lynn said...

Every time I come here and see that blue water I want to jump right in!!!!!!!! (and I don't even swim)...but it is so beautiful.
congrats on your hundred and first post! Bravo! You can find me on my blog if I win. LOL

Jude said...

Still settling into UK life at the moment so no blogging from me...but I could still win??
TAke care and don't forget to phone Geoff if you need anything x

maggi said...

Glad that your computer is now behaving. No time to blog for me at the moment as I have too many swaps to complete.

Francien said...

Well i am here i might as well take the chance and try to win you give away too!!and that on the last day...congratulations and please count me in if you like...greetings from Holland...Francien.

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