Wednesday, 16 June 2010

My New Cupboard

In this house storage space is at a premium. So we had a brainwave on where to put a cupboard. Above the bathroom door would be a great place. Now we are not going to go out and buy a cupboard, no that’s to simple. We are goi9ng to make it out of reclaimed wood.SV203252

This wood!

Ok I know it looks grotty and all that but this is what we are using.



Oh and from these pictures you might just notice that our bathroom does not have a door. That is another project for later.


Painting followed.


Now we have a cupboard with some very useable storage space. Now let’s see what will I fill it with????????????


Lois Evensen said...

Very nice! It's amazing how "stuff" always grows to fill the space. You won't have any problem filling your new space.


FeatherDuster said...

Looks like a great place to very neatly stack a whole lot of fabric!

Francien said...

Oh Judith...let me guess what you are going to put in the lovely cupboard....well...can`t think of you will show us i hope...and it does not look grotty at all...i love the idea and it looks great!! i love the houses in Greece...i lived in Ptolomaïs/Kozanie for 3 years due to my husbands work...i loved it there...the people... the sooting( if thats English) lifestyle...i hat to improvise too back then with selfmade curtains...tables etc...learned a lot crafting from the lovely woman who lived was good there!!we often think back at that time now we are older...
so...job well done with the cupboard!!
greetings Francien.

Jenny said...

Very impressive cupboard Judith, love the paintwork! Good place to store your towels maybe!

solomi558 said...

Yassou , Ah , Greece, and Cyprus ,I,m a woman alone , could I possibly live there--cottonreel

soggibottom said...

Great idea, space is premium in here too. You tend to use every inch for a double purpose.

It depends on how big your spiders are as to how much your going to be able to reclaim x x x

Janet said...

Great idea! I think it's smart to use areas over doors or windows for something even if it's only a shelf for display. Love the color you painted the cabinet.

chris, milatos said...

Bet it will be filled by the weekend, its crying out for all your materials and wool etc
Looks good, can you come and design me one pleaseeeeee

easygardener said...

Very clever - you can never have too much storage space though it never stays empty for long!

Lynn said...


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