Wednesday, 20 October 2010

What Have I Been Up To.

Yes, it’s me after a long absence again. I have been doing loads of stuff, but not finding time to blog about it.

First we had my sister, Lily and her husband Steve over for 2 weeks holidays. We even went away with them for a few days. So we had a mini holiday ourselves. We travelled to the west side of Crete and spent 3 nights away. Lucky even came with us.

The same day as they went home we had other guests. My sisters son, another Stephen and his wife Tracey, for a week. We went swimming, fishing, dining and generally had a good time.



The weather here now is quite changeable.  We have had sun but Monday we had rain, thunder and lightening and sun but it was still t-shirt weather. I suppose it is past been summer now.

However it was lovely on Sunday when I went to a bazaar in Elounta. I got loads of things.





Lovely things to cut up and use in quilts and two handbags.



Some crochet lace.


Three books and a game for the winter nights.


I have been cutting up t-shirt material and making this rag rug. It’s heavy and slow going and hurts the hands a bit. So its little and often with this one.


These are the string blocks I started ages ago. I had seven and a half done, now I have twelve.


Most people have a design wall, well met my design floor. The camera is telling lies here as the sashing material is a deep pink colour.


It is looking good don’t you think? Just after I had took this photo along came a little Lucky dog and when she had finished it looked like this.


Oh and I have started knitting but I will keep that for another day. Got to go and pick up the pieces of my quilt now if I can get Lucky to move.


C’ya all soon, I promise.

Judith x


soggibottom said...

And about time :-)
Really, really good to see you and Lucky :-)
Thanks for at least letting me imagine how warm that water was.
Lovely quilt. Fantastic bright colours :-) xxxx
Lucky loved it I see :-)

Lois Evensen said...

Wow, yes, you have been busy. But how nice to have visitors. It is nice to have you back here blogging. ;)

3anklebiters said...

Lucky appears to be one of those LIBERATED quilters who arranges things that appeal her own sense of style. LOL. i love the string blocks and am living vicariously thru your mini vacation right now.

Lynn said...

Well fun to hear all about your travels and finds! Welcome back too. The new quilt looks great. I am sure the dog will let you finish it one day! Good luck with that.
Love all those fab fabrics and lace you found!!!!

Jude said...

What a busy bee..

chris, milatos said...

The colours are better in real life. Nice to see you today. Hope to see the jumper a little bit bigger next time

maggi said...

A lovely post. The string blocks look great (or at least did before Lucky decided to do a little rearranging). Great finds at the bazaar.

david said...

hitherei have just found your blog by accident and am slowly reading all the back posts. i have a small house in armenoi(near handras/ziros) and have been writing my own can probably see it in my profile.keep up the good work.

solomi558 said...

So pleased you are still enjoying your island in the sun ,

You like my header! It is Oroklini. Larnaca Cyprus . where I have spent many happy times---cottonreel

Francien said...

You must have had a wonderful time Judith with your family..what a beautiful color has the water...lovely...
You have some great fabric there and the bags too...
And that new quilt is going to be awesome!!if Lucky wants to move that is...and cant wait to see your knitting!!
greetings Francien.

Anonymous said...

Your blog caught my attention!, what a change that must be for you and hubby. Looks beautiful though!
I like your quilt and so does doggy!
I just love finding fabric in the most unusual places!

solomi558 said...

Nice to read your blog again--cottonreel

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