Tuesday, 23 November 2010

String quilt progress report.


The top so far.


The pieced back material.

This is my progress so far. Still have to put another border on as it is too small as is.

The quilt top sewed together so quickly and I am really pleased with it.

Tomorrow I will show you my knitting progress and that is another story.

Cya all,

Judith x


Jude said...

Looking lovely!! Can't wait for knitting progress!!
Hope to see you soon..

Lois Evensen said...

How very pretty! I just love the bright colors. :)

Mary said...

It looks great! You know I love string quilts :)

My socks are coming along and as I'll be traveling the next 12 days I expect to get this pair and another (I've just got the toes to do on that one)finished and I'll even take some yarn for another pair just in case.

Lynn said...

I love this type of design on a quilt. Looks like you are having fun!!! Knitting too? Can't wait to see.

soggibottom said...

How can you not love pink, so beautifully arranged. :-) x x x

maggi said...

Lovely quilt. I bet that will be nice and warm to snuggle under - if you need to do that in Greece that is.

Jenny said...

Lovely quilt, coming along nicely!

Chris said...

Judith, Your string quilt is amazing!

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