Monday, 2 May 2011

Easter Weekend.

Easter weekend I went down to see two of my sons and grandchildren in the London area.
The weather was BEAUTIFUL. It was nice spending some time with them for I have not seen them all for quite a while.
Two of my sons

We did shopping.
We did bingo, no we never won.
We did a car boot sale. Yes I managed to spend some money there.
We did a garden centre. Here we saw lots of animals.

The kids loved it. We also had a ride on a steam train.

All in all I had a lovely time. It made a nice change.
I then travelled back to Crete on the day of the royal wedding.
Since then the weather here has improved so we did a bit of gardening.
With there been so much rain this winter and early spring the weeds have been running riot on our small plot. Some of the grasses have been as tall as me.
We are winning I think. Yes we will soon have it whipped into shape. Got some seed potatoes and onion sets to put in.

What are you all doing now?

Judith x


Lynn said...

Happy for you being with sons...and grandkids!
Looks like a fun time had by all.
Me? I'm washing/drying a latest quilt for new grand baby to be...threadpainting something else and knitting. Well, really I am sitting here reading blogs but those things are going on too in between!

Francien said...

Seems like you had a wonderful time Judith...
hope your garden will grow well..remember the onions you showed us on your blog here last year and there were quit a lot...
I am doing not very much at the time...i am making some pincushions..not that i dont have any but i am always making something in between little wallhanging quilts...its lovely weather here in Holland and i am working in the mornings so i enjoy a little sunshine in the not much crafting at the moment...
greetings Francien.

soggibottom said...

Waiting for your next trip when you decide to come further south West :-) xxx
Luv to Lucky XXX

chris, milatos said...

Glad u had a good Easter. Your family look lovely.My sister came to Crete for Easter. Hope you win the battle of the weeds.

Lois Evensen said...

What a fun outing you had with the family!

What am I doing right now? I am sitting on board Freedom of the Seas, tied up in Port Canaveral, Florida, where my Verizon Air Card works so I can be on the Internet reading blogs and writing comments. :))) At 5 PM we will be at sea again.

Happy Mothers Day!


Suz said...

Hi..looks like you had a great holiday
How much garden do you have?...looks like it might be bigger than the usual UK garden
More paper Flower playtime for me and a wall to plaster and finish off the kitchen sometime this next week ready for visitors
Have a great day...another hot one here
Weather has been fabulous for ages now..lucky us
Hugs Suz x

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