Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Monday s Happenings.

Breakfast with our own homegrown strawberries. Don't they look lovely. I can also tell you that they smelt delicous and tasted fantastic too. Looks like we are going to get a good crop this year. Other gardening happenings are that my potatoes are all up and so are the onions that we planted. We have also planted some tomatoes and auberginnes.

Did I tell you that I go to a Camera club? Well that happens on a Monday morning. There are just a handful of us but we like it. We just want to take better pictures and learn to tweak them a little. The above image of a windmill was my entry into this weeks competition and the rose from my last post was last weeks entry. When I came out of the Camera club I saw Jude and Chris drinking coffee. They were off on a bike ride with there new scooters

And here they are going through our village. Jude is the one in the front.

Have a lovely Tuesday all!

Cya Judith.


Jude said...

Haha..The hairy bikers hit Vrissis!!! We nearly got to Lassithi!

chris, milatos said...

Strawberries look lush,could almost taste them. Glad everything is growng.
Hairy bikers indeed Jude. Next time Lassithi.

Elephant's Eye said...

I came from EasyGardener, in search of your feta cheese tins used as planters ... can't see them. Do you have a post up?

Lois Evensen said...


Your strawberries look so good!

It's nice to be able to check in on your blog.

Sunday hugs,

Francien said...

Hey Judith...I can see your followers now and your lovely pictures too...could mnot place a comment too on several blogs...but i was not the only one...it was trouble around the world...so dont change your settings...i did that when it happend a long time ago on my blog because i thought it was due to my changing the background...but all has all come back now after a week orso without doing anything now...
Your bowl with the strawberries looks delicious...good luck with your cameraclub...you can tell what we are expexting now...right...more pictures!!
gretings Francien.

easygardener said...

Your strawberries look lovely.Bought ones never taste or smell the same.I am off to Meganissi in three weeks so I hope the sun comes out all over Greece!

Theodora quilts said...

How nice to have such active friends real bikers, I love the taste and smell of real strawberries I almost forgot the how they smell and taste ,my mom used to grow them in her garden along side her veggies ,thanks for stopping by my blog to admire my commode and I tell you my husband cringes when he sees me comming in with something I have picked up along the way ,I sometimes I hope I don't find enything nice ,I just don't have enough space.theodora

Janet said...

Yum....fresh home grown strawberries. I can almost taste them! I just bought 8 lbs of strawberries. If I don't gobble them all up right away I plan to freeze some for later.

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