Saturday, 11 June 2011

My new cupboard (part 2)

We are a bit further on with my cupboard above the stairs.





Just need some handles fitted now. Think they might be a bit rustic. I can’t wait to fill them up.

We have decided to paint the wood work, so that will be my job. Now what colour will I paint them, Mmmmmmm. Lets see. I can see paint charts will be in order.

Last night we went out with Jude and Geoff to a Taverna in Limnes. They were having live Greek music so we thought it would make a nice change.

I don’t know if you know it but the Greeks don’t go out very early and the Band still wasn’t playing at 10.00. Anyway we had a nice meal and a few drinks.



We left at 12.00 and they were just getting going. Wonder if anyone got up to dance? When we got home we could still hear the music drifting up the mountain side.

Hope you all enjoy your weekend. I’m off to have some more strawberries. They are just lush, only thing is they are now getting to the end of the harvest. Going to plant more for next year.

Cya oxo



Jude said...

I wonder what Geoff would say if I said I'd like some cupboards....haha!!
Lovely evening, thanks Judith and Ian.

Maggi said...

That is an amazing cupboard to crate in such an irregular space.

Lois Evensen said...

The cupboard is great! I love spaces for storing things. Very interesting about your night out, too. Thanks for sharing those pictures.

easygardener said...

I am sure you will enjoy filling your new cupboards. I have never got the hang of turning out really late to eat in Greece. We are off to Maganissi on Sunday so I hope the weather stays settled. Looking forward to that first Ouzo :-)

soggibottom said...

Last time I heard you had only just got the stairs in... working hard I can see.
As for the music.... could hear it from here :-)xxx
love to Lucky X

Theodora quilts said...

Hello Judith looks like you won't have eny trouble storing quilty stuff with your new cuboards,and a nice evening out ,I have been busy spring cleaning in my store these days and getting space ready for my quilt table I should be getting hopefully sometime in the near future I can't say a time right now ,but you will certainly see it when I get it,by the way there is a craft/quilt shop downtown Athens that now carries cotton quilt batting Yay !!take care theodora

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