Friday, 19 August 2011

A Beautiful Pair

Good Morning!!!!!!!!!!

How are you all today?

Bright eyed and bushy tailed I hope.

Yesterday this was the veiw from my front gates at about 6.00 am.


Today this was the veiw at 7.00 am.


See the clouds we have had a lot of those just lately.

Anyway now for the beauties. For the last three times that this has flowered I have missed getting a picture, but today, I got them. Yay!


They open and die in just a day.


You can just see the cactus plant at the bottom of this picture. This plant puts a tremendous amount of energy in producing these large flowers and they are so delicate.


They have  a very fine perfume which attracted this wasp. Think he enjoyed his visit. He looked like he was anyway.

Yesterday I went to the beach with Jude and we had a lovely time splashing about in the sea. The beach was crowded as it was a very hot day, but there was a nice cooling breeze. Wonder how many people overdid the sunbathing?

Anyway enjoy your day whatever you are doing and catch you all again soon.


Judith x


Jude said...

Here I am!!!
First in the row..
Lovely blooms.
Look forward to another day on the beach sooon

Lois Evensen said...

I love your optimism! YES, it is a beautiful day! What beautiful views and flowers.

We are off on another road trip. Of course, my blog runs behind a few days because we are always running. ;)))

Maggi said...

The flowers are gorgeous. Glad you got to photograph them this year.

easygardener said...

The flowers are extraordinary! You sound like you enjoyed your day at the beach.
Our August has mostly been wet and cool - typical really. I don't know why we expect anything else :-)

chris, milatos said...

My plant gives me a pink flower, they are so pretty. Have a swim for me please. xx

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