Monday, 19 September 2011

What A Find.

A little background first. In times gone by the Greek people used to tip their rubbish over the mountainsides. Now today this is frowned upon  and is very unsightly, however it is still done. You can go along a country roads and find places where things have been fly tipped.  Usually this is builders rubble. Anyway we sometimes stop to see if anything of interest has been tipped. Something we could use like wood, marble, you know things like that. If your a follower of mine you will know that my cupboard above the bathroom door was made with  wood found dumped..

Anyway we went to the garden today to do some watering and on the way back we stopped at a dumping ground, just to have a look. There was some wood but not of any use, then something caught my eye buried in the rubble. We racked around a bit and found all these.


We have 5 pairs and 5 odd ones. I have cleaned up 3 of these wood shoe forms. Bet you can pick them out.



I think they have cleaned up well. I am sure we will find something useful to make with them. You never know what your gonna find and that’s why we keep looking. Does anyone have any ideas?

I also have another finish that I forgot to post the other day. This is my Baktus scarf that I knit to keep me warm in the winter it is graciously modelled by Lucky.



As you can see she is a little bit camera shy. It is so soft, I know I am gonna love wearing it. Oh! and I got the wool from one of the animal charity bazaars.

Got to go as Lucky is patiently waiting for her afternoon walk. Think she deserves one.


Judith x


Judith said...

Hi Judith, what a lovely blog you have, and what a beautiful place you live in! Looking forward to seeing more of your makes. Judith xo

Soggibottom said...

Lucky, it's going to get colder, think the blue is just your colour. I wouldn't give it back if I were you. Colder nights, warm and snug !

Not sure about the wood Judith :-) How about hanging them on a tree, or start to make shoes :-)
x x x

3anklebiters said...

what a wonderful find! i'm not sure what i would do with all those shoe forms, but i too certainly would have picked them out of a rubbish pile and brought them home to think about all the possibilities.

Lynn said...

I see the shoes at the feet of a garden scarecrow or a Halloween witch...
Or some other huge doll art piece.

easygardener said...

Not something you find every day while out walking :-)
They look very attractive now you have polished some of them up.

Lily Boot said...

shoe forms! what a find! that's so quirky - I think I would love cretan hard rubbish. I too go through builders' rubble and skips - we are building a chicken coop at the moment - bit by bit each weekend with the materials we find around the street. I like soggibottom's idea - hanging them from a tree - maybe they would "chime"! And your scarf is such a pretty blue.

Mary Keasler said...

What treasures you have found at the dumping grounds. I an envious. As well as envious of the lovely scarf that Lucky is modeling.

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