Thursday, 1 December 2011

It Felt Like Christmas.

Last week we called at our post box and inside were two parcels…………

Well, I was expecting one as I had ordered a book, but what was the other one?????????????


We got home and tore off the paper wrapping and this is what we found………..



A Doggy treat bonanza!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The parcel was addressed to Lucky and friends. They even got a Christmas card, our first.

The lovely Midge (Soggibottom) had sent them all the way from England. How very kind of you Midge. Lucky, Sam and Gizzy really like these sort of surprises. Yum yums come top of the list with these three. Especially Gizzy with her pups to feed.

Thank you very much.




FeatherDuster said...

That would be exciting! How are those little puppies doing?

easygardener said...

How exciting - I hope you weren't too disappointed. I expect the dogs would let you try one if you asked nicely :-)

Soggibottom said...

So pleased they all enjoyed them and it was a surprise. A surprise of pups I could do without, so hope this made you smile :-) Lots of love to that ever growing family of paws of yours XXXXXXX lots of love from Freya too X

Francien said...

You are so right Judith...time realy flies...the week opens and closes again in a day it seems to me.....we dont have to prepare much for Christmas...there is only the two of us...our children....two sons age 41 and 33 are living in different country`s and have there own live....friends and plans for the holidays......we rather have it this way... and we see eachother lots during te merry Christmas to you and your husband and the dogs and a very healthy and happy 2012...greetings Francien.

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