Monday, 7 January 2013

Wonky Log Cabins

This is one of the wonky log cabin cushions that I made for my nieces Christmas present.
wonky 001
These are the other four tops. after I had finished sewing them. There is quite a lot of work to be done to make these, it is quite surprising.
I am thinking about starting some knitting for when I am down stairs watching telly, might aswell keep busy when I just sat there. Not sure what I will make yet , maybe I will finish something off that I already have on the needles.
wonky 002
I have a couple of things that need finished.
I have also signed up to  a new block of the month. Why not go and have a look, it’s free.
Go here
Ok cya all soon,
Judith xcraftsy


Lynn Cohen said...

These are really pretty and fun. Your neices I am sure loved them. Thanks for sharing them with us, and happy knitting!!! I miss Crete through your eyes!!!

FeatherDuster said...

Love these!

cottonreel said...

Very nice log cabin work , lovely colours .

Soggibottom said...

Way hay, look who's back and a bloggin.. good to see you again Judieth. The log cabins aren't wonky, they look pretty fantastic to me... good to see you :-) xxx

Jenny said...

Lovely cushions Judith x

Ruth said...

Beautiful colors! I love wonky anything.

Sue Pinner said...

Hi Lynn...just catching up with everyone, (busy year with the book) so many changes I have missed.
Sorry you had toreturn to UK, but I am sure you are just as happy here in a different way. May be one day you can got back again, do you miss the sunshine? Hope not too much and you have settled OK?
hugs x

Sue Pinner said...

ooops as soon as it had gone I realised I had called you sorry had just left a comment on another blog friend who's name is Lynn oops xx

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