Monday, 13 May 2013

On out walk

I remembered to take my camera when we went on a recent walk. Lucky and Rosie love their walks as they like to chase the rabbits. Don’t know what they would do with one if they caught it.


Every day they stop by this stream for a quick drink.



Can you see the pheasant sitting on her 16 eggs? She is very well camouflaged .


Soon we will not be able to walk freely down this path as the hedgerow  grows out over the path.


sweet violets enjoying the morning sun.


Some of the tree don’t have their leaves yet.


This is not a very clear picture but this is a bank full of primrose.



Nearly home now. Both dogs are off the leader, they are getting very clever.

This is a lovely walk and to think once it was a massive pit heap. Now everyone can walk around here and have a good time.

cya all again soon.

Judith x


Maggi said...

Looks like a lovely walk and so good that so many places are transforming the old pit heaps. They've done it in Stoke too. If the dogs catch the rabbits you'd better have a good recipe ready!

Anonymous said...

Hello - Ok, I have to admit I can't see the pheasant? Where is it?
Regards, Melinda

Judith said...

Yes Melinda, She just seems to melt into the back ground. Honest she is there. Unfortunately she never hatched her eggs. We walked by one day and she was gone and the nest was empty. Don't know what happened to her.

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