Friday, 27 November 2015


  • Well hello to anyone who is still following me. Christmas and New Year was quiet for us. Think the least said the better for I saw the New Year in with two black eyes. Not a pretty sight I can assure you. No I was not in a fight or anything like that. We went out to collect some wood for the fire and I got in the way of a small tree truck that decided to flip over and hit me right between the eyes. It knocked my specs clean off my face. Miraculously they never broke. I had a scrape above my  left eye and both  eyes puffed up and went black. No photo proof either.
  • We have had all sorts of weather recently to. 
  •  Sun, rain, thunderstorms, snow,  cold winds and more rain. Lots of places have been flooded and blocked in by snow. Don't for one moment think because Crete is a hot country that we don't get cold weather in the winter because we do.
 Things I have been making recently were this cushion cover for our secret Santa at the knit and natter group I attend. 
The above passage was from last year and never got published.

This year 2015 has had a few ups and downs.
 We still have a lovely view from our door.

 We have seen some lovely sunsets
 I am still making things. This a a shawl made with a lovely variegated yarn made by Alize.
 We have had plenty visitors. My sister and brother in law. My son, Graham and my nephew Stephen and his wife Tracey. (pictures above).
 We have visited many beaches. This is Vai beach. Much more commercialized than the last time we were here.
My plants have flowered continuously all summer.
We have had loads of tomatoes, beans, onions and melons from our very small garden. We still have cabbages and broccoli and tomatoes to harvest yet too.
 They put fibre optic cables through our village.
 Very quick method for digging the hole to lay it on.
 I have visited England this November and we saw some snow.s
Went to visit Lucky. This is the spot where she is buried. She used to love getting her feet wet in this stream.

The downs.
I fell down the steps outside and split open my head and broke my left wrist and I am left handed.
Ian fell down taking the dogs for a walk and broke his right wrist and he is right handed.
We still haven't got the outside of our house painted because of the heat and our wrists.

 I think that sums up our year up to now. We still have Christmas to look forward too as my son Graham is coming so that will be nice.

That was a quick catch up, sorry if it has been a bit long winded. I am really going to get back into blogging so watch out for my posts and thanks for bearing with me.

Judith x


Maggi said...

A year of real ups and downs for you. Let's hope that the injuries are all done and dusted now and that 2016 is a good one.

Judith Burry said...

Thanks Maggie. Looks like your the only one still interested.

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