Monday, 29 June 2020

I’m not going to apologise.

I’m not going to apologise for my long absence but I am going to try real hard to make a come back with this blog now.

We are staying home most of the time now what with Covid 19. Greece has not had many cases but that could all change with tourists been allowed to come for holidays. In March I had a very bad chest infection, and honestly I thought I was dying. Breathing was difficult and I was very frightened. My lungs seemed to be that congested that as I exhaled the air seemed to get trapped and it felt like my lungs were bubbling. So, so scary. I went to see the doctor and they wouldn’t let me in they talked to me through the glass door. They did however write me a prescription for antibiotics which they handed to my husband through a window.

So what have I been doing? I have been doing a lot of sewing, knitting and baking which I won’t go into here as that will be other posts. What I want to talk about today is gardening.  My garden is right at the top of our property and is very small. The soil is terrible as it is mostly stones, the more you dig it the more they come up to the surface. It gets full sun most of the day so is very dry. The last time we cultivated it was 2011. In 2014 I planted some thornless blackberries.  That first year we had quite a good harvest but  every year since they tend to get cooked by the sun just before they ripen.

This is not good so hoping for better results this year

So in May my husband , Ian was going to use our small tiller to turn over this small plot. It wouldn’t start. So off it went to the repair shop. It must have been there for nearly three weeks. They couldn’t find a replacement part. Eventually the found one that fitted and Ian got to turn the garden over.

So this is my garden with my first plantings. The garden is on a slope as you may have noticed.
So I have planted tomatoes, courgette, turnips, beans, cucumber, patty pans, Brussels, melon and peppers. Everything is now growing away nicely. We have picked our first 5 courgettes which I turned into courgette fritters, recipe to follow in another post. 

 These next photos show you my garden now.

 The cans are for my safety, so I don’t poke out my eyes.

 Now we are looking forward to a lot of homegrown vegetables in the coming weeks but tonight there was someone at our door. He came into our courtyard and presented us with this from his garden. Good job I have plenty of courgette recipes and that we both like cucumbers.

Oh happy days!
That’s all for today.
Cya soon.
Judith.  X

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