Wednesday, 24 September 2008

A Dog Named Lucky

Awhile ago we went up to our local cafenion for some lovely souvlaki.
You know how it is, there are always a few cats waiting around for some juicy morsels, but tonight it was different for this little dog appeared looking for a bite to eat too. She got her fair share of the offerings.

We had already met up with this little animal earlier in the week. We had let Sandy our tortoise out the front for a change of scenery, shutting the gate so he could not escape. Later when we went out to check on him he had come face to face with this dog, for unknown to us she had been living on our roof and of course could not get out. She was very timid and frightened and ran away back up the steps.

After a few day she had started sleeping behind our trailer next to our door and always ran away when we approached her. Anyway after a few days she finally plucked up the courage to let me touch her and that was that, we had become the owners of this little lady for she was here to stay. We decided to call her Lucky for she was very lucky to find us.

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