Monday, 8 September 2008

My Photos

These are just some of my photos, the ones that I really like. I got my digital camera for Christmas 2006. I like to experiment and have took some really nice images. There are many things I still have to learn about photography and the manual for my camera is quite thick. Must really make more time to devote to this hobby.

As you can see I like taking close ups of flowers and plants, landscapes and the odd animal.

I also have an SLR camera but it takes film, this too has a thick manual but I still like to have a go, trouble is developing costs. Digital is so much more convenient and you can snap away to your hearts content and just delete the ones that just didn't work for you.


Couquet Island. Northumberland

Lovely scented rose from my old garden in Northumberland

Poppies and daisies in a meadow.

Duridge Bay sunrise with a sprinkling of snow

Felton ,Northumberland on a winters day

Kitten having a relaxing time in plant pot. Sissi Crete

A happy family nap


Jude said...

Lovely pics, could you just give a quick description of where they are for us. thanks

Judith said...

Your wish is my command. pics are now identified. Judy. x

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