Monday, 17 November 2008

This old house

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Lynn said...

What an endeavor you have taken on. What is this about Crete that Englanders are moving there in droves are they/you?


Thanks for coming to my blog today.
Do come back again...and I will follow your adventures here as well.

Judith said...

Thanks for stopping by. Its not just the English who are making their homes here, there are French, German and Russians plus many more.

There is just something about the place.

Lynn said...

How interesting. Is it inexpensive to live there?

Judith said...

Some things are expensive as they have many designer shops. Like any other country I suppose. They grow lots of fruit and veg here and these are sold at reasonable prices and I just love the bread that they bake here. They seem to have this thing about chocolate, everything is chocolate this and chocolate that. Cakes are expensive for some reason.We grew fruit and vegetables in an allotment last year.The melons were lovely, ever so sweet.

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