Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Its four in the morning!!!

Last night we had a thunder storm! It did not wake me fully but I was aware of it. All of a sudden there was this clap of thunder and our little Lucky came flying into the room. She was jumping up at the side of the bed and as I opened my eyes there was this bright flash of lightening that lit up the whole room. Poor Lucky was shaking like a leaf, she was terrified. She is not normally allowed on our bed but the state that she was in, we let her sleep with us till the morning. It took us ages to settle her, I have never known such a scaredy in all my life. Dear knows what she would have done if we had not taken her in and she was still wandering the streets.


Jude said...

How's the tiling going????????????

crazyquiltlady said...

Our Golden Retriever Sam hides in the bathroom everytime there is thunder. I guess it is a dog thing LOL

Judith said...

Lucky wont go into the bathroom, too scarey for her, all that water in there. I had an aunt how used to hide under the table though!

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